Products & Systems

Structural Systems Solutions:

We provide a range of exclusive structural systems, providing the right solution for every application. Whether you need a basic steel building or a complex structure our solutions is a fast, easy and environmentally friendly.

Roof and Wall Cladding:

We offer a range of choices for roof and wall cladding such as internal linings and external cladding for industrial and commercial buildings

Natural & Powered Ventilators, Screening Louvres, Sand Trap Louvres& Acoustic Louvres:

Acoustic louvres are used for mounting behind standard louvre panels and can help to reduce noise, Sand trapping louvred ventilator for use in desert areas.

GRP Systems:

Our GRP Structural Shapes are High Strength & Corrosion Resistant. We provide the following GRP Systems.
GRP Cladding
GRP Soaker Panels
GRP Translucent Sheets